lundi 25 juillet 2016


“How the hell did you misinterpret THAT?!!!”

Hello my cherry buns.

Sorry for that long pause I went though. The previous event of last weeks, got me a little deep and I needed to take a break of love and happiness. So I went hiking, bake so my friends and I played “Undertale” and now I am all filled up with joy and hope!
So let’s restart the work.
Today a little a though again on the 40 maidens again… A recurrent thing that go on in human history is whenever we need to attack you man in fighting, the common way to anguish them is to talk about the reward they would get after the fight: women. In all war, from all sides, that is what was used.
Firstly, I am surprise that it is still working… But the vicious part of terrorists from extreme Islam is that they use the women reward for the afterlife, to remove the fear of suicide killing. This was used in the very old past, (Viking mostly) and I can’t really understand how in their brain, those men who accept to sacrifice their life bring themselves to believe in this violent Santa Klaus tale.
It is too easy to say that is the reason why they do it. Or that they are lone-wolf, or mentally disturbed… There is more psychology involve in it. A psychology that you need to practice and experience on your own to get how it work. Part of me really want to understand, to live it. Because if I can see the other side of the game, maybe it would be easier to reverse its effects.

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