jeudi 30 juin 2016

Hetero Dumb Day

"Joke of the day"
"What is the difference between 
the "Hetero Pride Day" and the "White life matters too" slogan?
Answer: none
Both go without saying therefore are completely useless. Thank you. NEXT"

Hello my sweet buns. 

It is Thursday and today I wanted initially to talk about Judge Perksy assholery. and then I came across THAT: The Hetero Pride Day. It was so dumb I couldn't not talk about it. Sometimes, it is like people don't even see the irony of what they create. So I had to draw something about it today, because tomorrow wouldn't have meant much. 

And then, when I was down, I saw the news about those poor 19 girl burned alive in Irak by ISIS men, for refusing sex. I talk about that tomorrow. And Perksy will come next week. Now if you don't mind, I am need to go throw up a bit.

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mardi 28 juin 2016

Lord of the Wigs

"One jerk to rule them all"

Hello my sugary cakes. 

It is Tuesday and today we are back to the american election.
I have been eager to draw this cartoon for a little while, now. I was drawing Bernie Sanders as Gandalf the Grey that would come back as the white later one (a inner joke about how he says he is going in battle field with people that might seems small but all together we are big... Just like Gandalf see the Hobbits) and in the background I draw Trump looking at all of them.

But when I start putting the color on Trump skin and laughed imagining him as Sauron's eye because they wee both the "same bright orange skinned". I know it is puerile. But Earth, it feels good!

Anyway as my cartoon was already complete and it wasn't time to recomposed it to have Trump as Sauron's Tower (even though it would have been awesome) I decided to save the idea for another cartoon. And here we are.

So beware the gigantic orange glow!

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lundi 27 juin 2016


"Last week in Game of Thrones"
"the Ironbritain decided to exit the Seven Union... and go independent."

Hello my sweet buns. 

It is Monday and as usual it is time to restart my weekly news adventure. Last Week I was on a yatus, and posting serious drawing about immigration. But now we are back in our usual lovely, jolly and light sense of humor... Of not so light and pretty much caustic. 
But hey, it is Day 2 Day! 

Today, we are going to talk about Brexit and... Games of Thrones???? 

Ok I seriously don't know where this one came from... 
Never mind. And fun!

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vendredi 24 juin 2016

MIT - Episode 05 | Sand Storm

My MIT episode 05 is finally out (a week later but it is out. I was busy with a tight deadline and couldn't work on the editing)

Today is the speed painting of my “Alone On Mars” illustration: “Sand Storm”. I hope you’ll like it and don;t forget to subscribe! 

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mardi 14 juin 2016

Enemy Public

After the event of this weekend, I started earlier the production of my week days comics and create a special series for the Orlando victims of Pulse Night Club from Sunday early morning.

This is the official drawing: Enemy Public

Enemy Public by Armel Oenn (June 13, 2016)

Since the previous days, however, the movies series that I am watching while working, is the famous tetralogy "Alien". After watching it for good dozen of time now, I start to see it differently. Sunday night, after reflecting on the previous night event, something made sudden light. Alien isn't just a sci fiction horror movie, it is a metaphoric caricature of what is going on write now. I know this wasn't the intention of the directors, but that is how it evolved, seeing our society.

It is "funny" how creators from the past tried to just picture somethings in fictional future so horrible that it for sure won't happen, and ended up being not so far from the actual reality.

mardi 7 juin 2016

Day 2 Day

What is "Day 2 Day"?

"Day 2 Day" is my new political strip comic. I talk about religion, politic, social issue, picking up the absurdity of some event and treating them with the same level of absurdity.

There is no intention of influencing people. This is simply an absurd way to talk about the things that are going on, that can be hard to deal with, digest or understand, and find a way to process them while releasing the pressure. Nothing more nothing less. We all need to have a good laugh from time to time.

Warning though, I have no censorship. I will draw on every topic that I want, becasue this is the most powerful that someone can have, especially in front of bullies and bigot, and particularly in time where the notion of freedom seem so much used, twisted and jeopardize. Lets be honest we are facing a up rising of extremism a little everywhere around the glob, so more than ever, we need our right to express and talk.

I mostly follow the events that are happening in USA, Europe and Middle East and post from Monday to Friday. You can subscribe on the website directly or follow me on Facebook.

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vendredi 3 juin 2016

Let's restart is over!

Hello Hello

No. I didn't forgot my old blog. Just I was very busy with building my website and some other cool project. 

Now I can come back to my lovely blog. And update it. A LOT!

I have tones of work to share and link to post. 

So lets start with the basic: