mardi 28 juin 2016

Lord of the Wigs

"One jerk to rule them all"

Hello my sugary cakes. 

It is Tuesday and today we are back to the american election.
I have been eager to draw this cartoon for a little while, now. I was drawing Bernie Sanders as Gandalf the Grey that would come back as the white later one (a inner joke about how he says he is going in battle field with people that might seems small but all together we are big... Just like Gandalf see the Hobbits) and in the background I draw Trump looking at all of them.

But when I start putting the color on Trump skin and laughed imagining him as Sauron's eye because they wee both the "same bright orange skinned". I know it is puerile. But Earth, it feels good!

Anyway as my cartoon was already complete and it wasn't time to recomposed it to have Trump as Sauron's Tower (even though it would have been awesome) I decided to save the idea for another cartoon. And here we are.

So beware the gigantic orange glow!

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