jeudi 30 juin 2016

Hetero Dumb Day

"Joke of the day"
"What is the difference between 
the "Hetero Pride Day" and the "White life matters too" slogan?
Answer: none
Both go without saying therefore are completely useless. Thank you. NEXT"

Hello my sweet buns. 

It is Thursday and today I wanted initially to talk about Judge Perksy assholery. and then I came across THAT: The Hetero Pride Day. It was so dumb I couldn't not talk about it. Sometimes, it is like people don't even see the irony of what they create. So I had to draw something about it today, because tomorrow wouldn't have meant much. 

And then, when I was down, I saw the news about those poor 19 girl burned alive in Irak by ISIS men, for refusing sex. I talk about that tomorrow. And Perksy will come next week. Now if you don't mind, I am need to go throw up a bit.

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