vendredi 12 août 2016

Olympics Pageant 2020

"Welcome to the Olympic Pageant 2020. Here comes the USA!"
Soooo some douchosaures from Foxnoob are wondering why the female Olympics athletes
don't make the ufing effort to put some make up on...
I mean, after all they are appearing on TV, for crying out loud!

Lucky guess... because it is the Olympics?

Hello my little buns!

I was away for a while but as promise, I am back with Day 2 Day posts!!!  
I was hold up on it due to:
1/ family visiting
2/ comicon preparation
3/ recovering from being stabbed in my left hand

Due to my upcoming Comic con I won't be posting much next week either. Only on Monday and Friday.

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Annnnndddd most importantly 

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