mardi 12 juillet 2016


“The robe doesn’t make the monk… why the skin should?”

Hello my chocolate bite

Today, in response of all last week events and especially on all 
the despicable commentaries on TV and social media about: 
“Black live matter is killing black”, “Black aren’t people”, 
“White people are trash”, “Blacks and Obama are responsible of Dallas violence”; 
I just wish to remind, when you remove the skin, we have no difference…

Yet there idiots out there, that still think that Black evolve from monkeys, while white are god master pieces. I have heard so much bullshit in the past 7 days and stay stunned by the obvious double standard there is still around the world about black and the rest of the people 
that my guts are all sore from clenching!

This skin thing, it is just an excuse.

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