jeudi 6 octobre 2016

MIT20161006 MIB

Hello my puffy pastries

Yes it has been a while. But I am back, fresh and rested. Aren't we happy?

And we are restarting with some Hillary's moment of fame. Let face it she is a very competent politician. So why the hell did she had to come up with that "Santa Klaus" trick about UFO?

"If I am president, I will reveal everything about our outer space life discovery"... Not that I believe we are actually alone, that was a bit too much. I am not sure it really works either.

But it gives us a good laugh. Especially when Drump decided to follow on that. But does the Men In Black think of it?

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Art by Armel Oenn

Music by Lincoln Grounds & Randall Breneman  - "Get It Got It Gone"

All rights reserved ©OennArts.

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