jeudi 6 octobre 2016


“Gallantry: A way to express your politeness and respect to another part.”

Respect doesn’t end where equality starts. It’s actually giving us the opportunity to expand it, on all side. 

Hello, I am back! 
With a new battle horse: you can be kind to each other. Seriously we really can!

While being stuck in France, I watched this stupid video, arguing that “you women wanted equality, well guess what you lose gallantry in the process. Aren’t you sad we treat you like shit now?”

For those idiots out there who use this argument to excuse their poor behavior on women nowadays and ridicule the battle we started to get our rights, gallantry didn’t exist because women was inferior. But to prove them, you wouldn’t hurt them. So even equal, you should still be gallant.
Or are you so angry we step on your playground?

Secondly, the good thing of equality is that women can also be gallant to you. We actual should be gallant to everyone.

At last, gallantry was initially an act of bravery shown on the battlefield. People that weren’t gallant were called coward… Is that what you are?
So instead of sulking in your corner, be gallant, be brave and fight with us.

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