samedi 23 mars 2013


Speed drawing for a friend: Super Joe and her Sidekick Mint Chocolate Cake Girl!

Name : Super Joe
Status: Super heroine
Power: Sugar proof, super stomack, undestructive teeth
Weakness: Salt
Booster: whipped cream and icecream pills
Attack: Sweetteeth; Superfrenchtoast Attack, Icecream Jet, Sugar super vision.
Ennemy: Dentistman. Dr. Toothpast. Dark Cavity

Use: Can destroy her ennemy with excess of sugar. Can survive food pastry contest without back effect. very usefull in battle against stressed ennemies (the extra sweet attack will weaken their stomac and make them unable to fight); the good ally during exploration adventure and journey (she   will provide neverending food. Back effect: don't use her in desert, without water the sugar can be bad added with hot and dry weather and deshydrate you). She is also usefull during drepression time and movie party!

Sidkick : Mint Chocolate Cake Girl

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