lundi 12 novembre 2012


When I get tired of working on my project at school sometimes I allow me to have a little drawing break. I open a new file on photoshop and took 30 minutes to draw what ever I think of. A scene pick from another project. That actually helps me better than a coffee to refile my energy for work. It's like the casual pastry that you allow to yourself during a diet time...

"Tiamac on the beach" 

This scene occurs during his 12's year summer internship while he is working as a junior sea life-guard on the moon Eldron, system 2PX63, for the holiday galactic chain center "Evenstar City". A short while after, the young Tiamac will meet M.J, the tattoo shop owner who will became his main future internship tutor and art teacher.

"Morgan driving under rain"

This is extracted from the first page of final episode of the "Idan's Cycle" : The Legend of Ene-Samaha. 
Morgan is rushing to Alena's house, after being called in the middle of the nigh. 
No comment about the rain missing... I was more interested on Morgan's adult face 

"Cigarets always aim to be shared, don't you think ?"

 My favorite character... No comment about this one... Uh-Uh-Uh !

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